The Return of the P7

We’ve retooled the renowned P7 with modern materials and machining, ready for the 21st century.  We’re actively bring the P7M8, P7M13, and P7K3 back to life.

Why is the p7 one of history’s finest firearms?

Optimized for Carry

Fast, flat, accurate.  The P7 can be drawn and fired quickly and carried safely with a round in the chamber.

Elongated Fixed Barrel

The near-vertical angle of the of the magazine allows room for a barrel longer than a Glock 19’s within a slide shorter than a Glock 19’s. Its shallow feed ramp works well with hollow point rounds. The barrel is also fixed, lending itself to higher accuracy.

Delayed Blowback

The gas-delayed blowback system softens the felt recoil, allowing you to get back on target even faster. Directed gasses and a fluted chamber work together to make casing ejection more consistent and reliable— even with a broken extractor.

Low Bore Axis

The P7 has one of the lowest bore axes of any pistol on the market allowing for fast followup shots

Speed and accuracy outgun high capacity, whether for target practice or in self-defense encounters (most of which are over within 4 rounds).

With its elongated fixed barrel, low bore axis, and delayed blowback, speed and accuracy are fundamental to the P7’s design.


Made in the USA

Proudly designed and assembled in Texas

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