Do new parts work interchangeably with OEM parts?

Yes, all of our frames, slides, and parts therein work interchangeably with OEM parts. You may use whatever combination of parts best suits your needs. You can run a half German, half American setup. You can even have broken or worn parts on your factory P7 replaced with our parts.

Which dovetail sights are compatible with your pistols?

There are compatible dovetailed sights that can be found at Meprolight, Trijicon, XS Sights, and factory H&K.

What optics are compatible with your optic-ready milled slide?

At the moment only the Swamp Fox Sentinel. This is available in our web store, as well as on their site.

What comes with the firearm?

We ship your P7 in a high-quality hard case. In the case with your P7 you’ll find two magazines, a multitool for maintenance, a manual, and a test target (that we used to verify proper functioning).

The image below shows some of what is shipped with your pistol. The official case, multitool, and magazines are not pictured.

What are your triggers made of?

Our triggers are metal. They do not come with a polymer coating like OEM H&K triggers. Heat from the gas piston does not affect the trigger.

What brands of ammunition do you recommend?

Winchester or Federal.

How many grains can be tolerated by your pistols?

Between 100 and 124.

What's the lifespan of the recoil spring?

5-10k rounds.


Trigger Weight 3.5 lbs 1.59 kg
Cocking Lever Depression Weight 14 lbs 6.35 kg
Cocking Lever Maintenance Weight 2 lbs 0.91 kg

Grip Width

1.1″ 27.9 mm
Slide Width 0.97″ 24.6 mm
Standard Slide Length 6.73″ 171 mm
Extended Slide Length 7.32″ 186 mm
Overall Height 5.08″ 129 mm
Steel Frame Weight 9.98 oz 283 g

Titanium Frame Weight

5.64 oz 160 g

Aluminum Frame Weight

3.56 oz 101 g

Standard Steel Gun Weight

28 oz 0.79 kg


Made in the USA 

Proudly designed and assembled in Texas

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