Caring for Your P7

Field Stripping

To keep your gun running at peak performance for many years to come, we advise that you field strip, clean, and oil your gun after every shooting range session. The gas-delayed blowback system will result in more residue than firearms without such a mechanism.  The firearm is extremely reliable if properly maintained.

How to Field Strip

Field stripping a P7 is simple: hold in on the takedown button on the top back left side of the frame, and pull back and then upwards on your slide. The slide should then be separated from the frame in the rear, and you can proceed with removing the slide from the barrel. Note that field stripping your P7 does not require you to pull the trigger.

To reassemble, do the same process in reverse. It can take some time and practice to get the gas piston re-aligned, but just put the slide back onto the barrel, and jiggle until you find alignment. From there, you can pull the slide the rest of the way back to completely re-attach.

How to Clean and Oil

Use a cloth, towel, or paper towel to wipe down the inside of the gun. Pay close attention to the inside of the frame beneath the barrel, the gas piston, and the underside of the barrel itself. Try to remove as much visible residue as possible on both the frame and slide. Use a soft brush to clear out the barrel, and any parts of the chamber you’re unable to reach by hand.

A carbon scraper should be used and twisted several times to eliminate any carbon fouling in the gas cylinder sleeve under the barrel.

Detail Stripping

We recommend against doing detail strips of your P7. Detail stripping will not void the warranty, but we do not assume the risks or damages that could result from an improper disassembly or reassembly.

If you feel that your firearm needs a detail strip and clean, or you would like us to reassemble the parts of a disassembled P7, you may send it into our shop for service. Our current service prices are listed under “Our Services.”


For most consistent shot placement, ideal feeding and ejection, and parts longevity, we recommend Winchester or Federal brand ammunition, between 100 and 125 grains.

Ammunition is coming to our web store soon.

Recoil Spring Lifespan

We recommend replacing the recoil spring every 5-10k rounds. Replacement recoil springs can be purchased through our web store.


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