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The P7 Pro team has a passion for the P7 series, and a mission to design and manufacture your custom with quality materials and precise tolerances.

P7 Pro was founded in 2021 with the desire to reintroduce the unique functions and utility offered by the P7 with a modern flare. The owner of P7Pro grew in his affections for the P7 over 20 years of carrying one as his personal sidearm. He expertly leads the design and engineering teams with his experience working as a certified H&K armorer, and his background in mechanical engineering and materials science.

Though the P7 was innovative in its own right, P7Pro hasn’t rested on the laurels of the original, instead seeking to modernize and improve upon the time-tested design.

Every P7Pro firearm is manufactured in the USA, and assembled in Texas. Only high-quality materials and finishes are used during the manufacturing process. Each firearm is hand-fitted and inspected by a master gunsmith, ensuring a pristine fit and finish, and very tight tolerances. Each firearm is thoroughly tested, so that by the time it reaches the customer’s doorstep it’s a showpiece-quality workhorse, ready to be used out of the box.

P7Pro gunsmiths pride themselves on their craftsmanship, and as such fully stand behind their work with the Pro Lifetime Guarantee. Each firearm is guaranteed against manufacturing defects for the life of the pistol. We enjoy a well-loved pistol (and the stories behind it), and as such are always thrilled when one of our products makes its way back to the shop for a tune-up.

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